We help young professionals who feel stuck in their current careers to get into the cybersecurity career so they will have 6 digit income, self-confidence and fulfilling career which they will always be in demand.

Cyber Transform has been created with FeltSecure Labs, leading cyber security training provider based in London.


Premium InfoSec Career Coaching for Professionals

There are many job opportunities in the cyber security but which one is for you?
How can you reach your goals?
Do you need training courses? Education? Certificates? Networking?
How can you map your previous experience to the cyber security domain to build up your CV?
Many people assume they need to learn every bit of information related to information security. They end up learning a few ethical hacking tricks in Kali Linux and then… a big question mark.
What you actually need is a clear ROADMAP with detailed, achievable milestones.
At Cyber Transform, we help passionate, enthusiastic young professionals to reach their dream cyber security career.



8-week online group coaching program enables you to have crystal clear visibility on your fulfilling cybersecurity career ahead

Learn the fundamentals of cyber security domain to discover what is available for you. You will also be challenged with top-notch technical labs and hands-on practices to have a crystal clear assessment of your current know-how.

02. MAP.

Map your current skill set & your personality with the jobs you will like most. You will complete personality analysis and receive one-on-one guidance to interpret your results for the most suitable roles for you in the cyber security domain.


What actions will you need to take next? Education? Training? Certification? Job Experience? You will get started right away to fill the gaps for your personal roadmap.

04. APPLY.

Update your CV and get ready for job interviews with expert support, including one on one guidance from hiring managers and recruiters. You will not wait to complete your training-certification goals, as you can get results even without them.




Our greatest joy is watching our clients succeed

“My passion for cyber security started during my last semester of college when I took an elective introduction to cyber security course. I was so intrigued by the class, but since it was my last semester, I had no idea how to even begin looking into it as a career with only a software engineering background. I have struggled with this ever since then and eventually started working for a cyber security company, however I felt out of place; like I was so close yet so far from what I wanted to do. I believe that my decision to enroll in Emin’s bootcamp has been one of the most productive and beneficial things I have done for my career. It helped me understand that a lot of things I have been doing the past couple of years have just been informative, but it is what I do with that information and taking action that counts. I have a better understanding of what I need to learn in order to get to where I want to be, and where to focus my attention. I feel that Emin has given me more direction than I had before I took the bootcamp and would recommend it for anyone who is interested in the cyber security field, whether you are just starting out in your career or looking to change it up.” 






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